February 7, 2009


For all that's lost

For all that's found

The unfortunate tragedy

The unfortgettable sound

The thought of not knowing

What's going to happen next

We pray for the fighters

Who are doing their best

With so much destroyed

And so little left

Our nation's strength

Is put to the test

But we come together as one

And we help all in need

Once it's all over

We can finally breathe

The sound of fire

The colour of ash

The sound of glass

Starting to smash

Like a nightmare

We can't forget

With all this around us

No-one can rest

For all those who fought

But lost their way

Will be remembered as heroes

On this day

So many people are giving

And doing their best

Those to stop the flames

And those to ease the stress

Doing all we can

Defending what's left

This is the toughest battle

We have fought yet

And with all that's lost

And all that's found

This unforgetable tragedy

That roaring sound

We remember

By Rebecca Panton

Year 12

Hobart Campus - Tasmanian Academy