Speed's saddest sequel

Middle school grades 7/8 (adapt for grades 5/6)

1. Road deaths in Tasmania exceed that of the national average. What are these figures for Tasmania and nationally? Based on these figures, how much does Tasmania exceed the national average?

2. In the year 2000, Tasmania recorded 43 road deaths, 53 in 1999, 48 in 1998, 32 in 1997. Put these figures onto a line graph to highlight the general trend of road deaths in Tasmania. Explain what you see and why you think the line graph has followed this particular trend.

3. Based on the data, would you predict that the number of deaths on Tasmanian roads would increase or decrease over the next five years? Why?

4. If there have been 27 road deaths recorded in Tasmania in the first three months of this year, based on this trend how many deaths would occur in a one year period? How does this figure of 27 compare to that of previous years? Is this sending us, as Tasmanian readers, a message in relation to driving on the road?

(Written by Monique Sparkes, BTeach student, University of Tasmania, 2001)

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