1. The type of graph used here is called a Pictograph. Could you represent the same information using a different type of graph? Experiment in groups, using different ways of representation, i.e., line graphs, bar graphs, pie graphs, tables, sector graphs etc., and comment on their effectiveness.

2. What is the maximum temperature, the minimum temperature, and the average temperature reached by each area over the six days? Which area had the highest average temperature and which area had the lowest average temperature over the six days?

3. What factors influence local and global temperatures (geography, season, pollution etc.) and how do meteorologists factor them into their weather forecasts? What part does chance and prediction play? Are meteorologists just guessing when they predict the weather? Were the temperature forecasts correct? How do we predict temperatures?

(Written by Joanne Winckle, BTeach student, University of Tasmania, 2001)

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