Spend your win wisely

Middle-upper primary level

* Brainstorm as a class or in pairs why the chances of winning Powerball/Oz lotto are so small as compared to other events? How are these statistics measured?

* What does 1 chance in 54,979,155 mean? What are some ways to represent this information?

* Make a list or visual picture of how you would like to spend your winnings - start from the lowest amount and then work your way up eg $1000,10,000, 50,000, 250,000 & 500,000. Does your list change as the money increases? Do you think your list of desired items would change if you were 20-40 years older?

* Make up a number story of how you would spend your winnings, by estimating the price of each item. Start from the full amount and work backwards to zero. Did you have enough money to cover all of your items?

* Predict/estimate the chances of rolling a total of seven with two dice or rolling four dice to all have the same number. Carry out an experiment to test your prediction. Record your results and findings. How would the results differ if there were ten dice?

* How did you record your results? How did other people record them?

* What did you learn from this activity? Are there other things you could explore using this article?

(Written by Meg Watt, BTeach student, University of Tasmania, 2001)

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