First step in tree-top walk

  1. List the different ways numbers have been used in this article.
  2. Discuss the different ways that size has been described in this article.
  3. List words that describe time.
  4. List words and numbers that describe distance.
  5. What is canopy height?
  6. Write the following measurements in centimetres:
  7. How far is Tahune State Forest from Hobart?
  8. Estimate how far in distance the tower pieces will travel from Launceston to Tahune State Forest.
  9. What are your views about a man-made construction such as the tree-top walk in a State Forest?
  10. Who do you think will benefit from this tree-top walk?


  1. Measure 7m, 32m, and 570m in relation to your playground or school oval.
  2. Estimate at about what distance the towers (12) would be distributed along the 570m construction.
  3. Look up the website or for further information on the Tahune Project.

(Written by Jillian Wishart, BTeach student, University of Tasmania, 2001)

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