Flights we don't fancy

1. What number related information can you get, by reading this article? Discuss with a partner and write down your findings.

2. If you want to make 'good sense' of this article, what mathematical operations do you have to use? Give examples for two operations from the article.

3. '...the other cut - price kid, Richard Branson's Virgin Blue, are also only at the deliberation stage'. Explain what cut - price means.

4. Give examples of two instances, where the writer uses comparison between numbers to make his point clearer.

5. Problem solving/algorithms:

I. Write $437 million in numerals.
II. Round off $479 million to the nearest hundred million.
III. What is the average cost of a seat on an airline between Sydney and Melbourne?
IV. Airline X sells a seat between Sydney and Melbourne for $66. Airline Y sells a seat between the same two cities for $579. How much more profit does airline Y make, by selling two of these tickets, than airline X.

6. Discuss in a group of 3 - 4, how a cheap and efficient airline service could contribute to improve the economy of Tasmania. Write a report based on your discussion.

(Written by Sri Wickramasinghe, BTeach student, University of Tasmania, 2001)

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