New slant on old landmark's story

  1. Draw a diagram to show how the 12 tubes might be positioned under the tower to remove the dirt. Which side of the tower are they on? [There are many issues to discuss here, related to angle, depth, how much dirt might be removed, etc.]
  2. Where would the two sets of steel suspenders be placed in case the tower got wobbly? Draw a diagram to show their locations.
  3. How many hundred years ago was the tower built?
  4. Draw a sketch of the tower and label as many measurements as you can from the information given (e.g., the 6 degree angle, the perpendicular, the 4m lean).
  5. What is the percentage of the decrease in the lean so far?
  6. Using a protractor, carefully draw a scale diagram of the leaning tower. What do you estimate the height of the tower to be from the drawing? Those who have been introduced to some trigonometry might ask each other questions based on the sine or tangent, using a calculator.
  7. About how tall is the tower?
  8. Carefully measuring the photograph, estimate the diameter of the tower and as many measurement properties of the tower as you can (e.g., its volume).

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