Calvin and Hobbes - Difficult sums

  1. Why is this cartoon funny?
  2. Has Hobbes helped Calvin?
  3. Does Hobbes understand the problem?
  4. How many ways can you solve Calvin's problem?
  5. What are the mistakes that Hobbes has made in his answer?

(Written by Geoffrey Howells, BTeach student, University of Tasmania, 2001)

  1. Who has more confidence in his/her maths ability, Calvin or Hobbes? Give reasons for your answer.
  2. Has anyone (including teachers) ever convinced you to do a maths problem in a way that you really do not understand? If your answer is "Yes", give an example.
  3. Write down anything "Good" about the solution.
  4. List all the mistakes you can find in the "solution".
  5. Do you think that a confident maths student is necessarily a good maths student?
  6. Explain why students should know their tables or number facts.
  7. Is the teacher always right?
  8. Do you think that Hobbes ever listened in his maths class?
  9. Is a little mathematical knowledge a dangerous thing?
  10. What important maths facts did Hobbes miss because he was dreaming/talking, when the teacher taught them?

(Written by Kathy Blum, Teacher)

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