Jobless fall tipped as Tassie ages

This article can be strongly linked to Mathematics due to the numerical elements throughout the article. Due to this mathematical link, potentially students are more able to perceive changes and shifts in certain trends more clearly as they are able to construct visual representations of the numbers presented e.g. line graphs. Subsequently, through this visualisation and also through a literary understanding of the article a number of issues can be drawn upon using other key learning areas (KLA'S).

A number of mathematical concepts and activities can potentially be introduced into this article. There are opportunities for teachers to explore many paths, population/sample for example is an important mathematical component which could be discussed and developed further, also extended graph construction, chance and basic probability.

This article has the potential for an entire unit to be developed through drawing upon a number of KLA'S. Thus, it provides for a more in-depth understanding of particular issues arising, which are inevitably effecting our future lives as both students and adults. Thus, the article holds quite a few opportunities for students to do research based primarily on the issues arising from the article. This may be in relation to population growth and decline or societal attitudes, values and norms; thus, drawing upon mathematical, historical and/or a sociological perspective to examine changes and shifts throughout history to date. Each perspective complements each other as it develops and deepens students' understandings from alternate angles and lines of thought.

(Written by Monique Sparkes, BTeach student, University of Tasmania, 2001)

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