Dude, here's your car...

This article offers the opportunity to incorporate many Mathematical competencies, while also providing the student with socially responsible information. It explores percentages, actual numbers, currency, time and rates, all of which can be in some way included in the classroom to enhance the learning of the student from real life data. While being a highly commendable numeracy-literacy problem, it also presents the important issue of theft and how such acts affect people, including the many different situations that people can be in when their cars are stolen.

To make a lesson open ended, the question of a future expectation as to where the students perceive the rate of car theft to be heading is included. This offers the chance for the students to use mathematical figures to make a judgement or base an opinion.

For further ideas on the use of this article in a classroom, teachers should look at the article entitled "Rising car thefts hits battlers".

(Written by Sam Nogajski, BTeach student, University of Tasmania, 2001)

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