Thorpe has more in store: Frost

The profile and statistics provide some excellent information on a range of highly competitive swimmers. A range of measurements, commentary and comparisons are able to be used to stimulate a range of learning opportunities.

Have students investigate, from the article and statistics provided, what are the factors that enable Ian Thorpe to be so fast and successful. (If he is heavier how can he swim faster - what variables influence speed in the water?)

Being a high profile sportsperson and a bit of a hero it is likely students will relate to the article well and be interested to pursue through intrinsic motivation the strategies and tasks the teacher is able to provide. Of course it will be necessary to use the information from the article in a manner that is within the range of students' learning.

Many challenges and learning opportunities exist in this article and statistics for experiencing weight, height, speed, and time, in a manner where students are able to relate to a person they more than likely know of. This article and chart also enables literacy to be extended into maths, both in the interpretation of the problems and in students developing their own mathematical problems.

(Written by Phil Roberts, BTeach student, University of Tasmania, 2001)

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