Skycar set for flights of fancy

I would use this article for students in the primary years 5/6 and to facilitate learning and teaching adopt a statistical literacy approach.
Photocopy article and in groups have students discuss the different application and uses of numbers in the article.
The article may be used to stimulate discussion and literacy writing in questions about numbers.


Time eg life's work 40 years, 25 years
Percentages and Fractions eg 90%, 1/4 century, l/4 population
Number recognition - eg crowd numbers
Estimation and rounding down or up.
Speed and Distance - eg cruise speed, speed of light, height eg 800m
Money both US and Australian $'s - ratios and conversion processes
Vertical and horizontal - eg take-offs
Area - eg Australia's land size, area of exhibition eg 15,000sq m.
Shape recognition - circular, elliptical, streamline eg photos in article


George Jetson cartoon character and- futuristic fantasy/reality
Skycar imagination in marketing and dichotomy between terms
Big Boys Toys - alliteration, phonics and sexist language
Dr Moller - a biography, write a journal as if you were Dr Mollor
Cliches and writing style - "the stuff dreams are made of', 'flights of fancy'.
The use of logos - sponsorships - moral and value laden - social obligations
Source of information -critical analysis authentic vs advertising information
Exploration of new and unfamiliar terminology - dictionaries, web sites, inquiry.


Science - Hummingbird flight patterns link with shapes and take-offs, hovercrafts, rotary
engines and fuel costs.
SOSE - Darling Harbour/Sydney, transportation - land and coastal business and search
and rescue.
For those students who find links between Mathematics and sporting events particularly
stimulating for gaining mathematical skills, they could be directed to the Footy Can Be
Fun Kit or even to the advertising lift out on the 2001 Qantas Australian Grand Prix,
March 3rd, 2001. The latter melds nicely to the above article.

Suggested KINO's links in Tasmania:

KINO l: Posing and answering questions
KINO 2: Thinking about reasonableness
KINO 3: Using and expressing and interpreting numbers
KINO 4: Measuring

(Written by Margaret Ward, BTeach student, University of Tasmania, 2001)

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