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This article struck me as a good resource, full of mathematical concepts from which a number of teaching / learning points could be drawn, especially for upper primary level and beyond.

The article gives students the opportunity to gain an indepth understanding of how numeracy is involved in real life situations; what numbers mean in the wider context of the world outside the school environment; how numbers affect people's lives and the list goes on. The use of terminology such as 'net - profit', 'cut - price', 'start - up cost' strongly brings out the relationship between numeracy and real world issues.

When answering the planned questions and doing the activities, students have the opportunity to deal with mathematical concepts such as number, measurement and estimation which will help them to improve their mathematical skills and knowledge. I tried to target students with different ability levels by planning questions and activities appropriately. For example, there are questions involving simple mathematical operations as well as questions which need higher order thinking.

Apart from the mathematics involved, this article provides a context for learning in a number of other curriculum areas including literacy and SOSE.

(Written by Sri Wickramasinghe, BTeach student, University of Tasmania, 2001)

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