Numbers won't add up under Hanson migrant plan

This article has a multitude of uses across many KLA's. This article would be useful for a discussion about employment and population. It also includes large number values. Students could be asked to write 23.5 million into a place value number.

One of the graphs depicts the proportion of Australia's population aged 65 and over. This graph deserves some attention as it shows the decreasing number of people in this age group. The other graphs in the article are interesting as they show many aspects of the world's population. There are many activities that could be done using these graphs as a starting point.

The issues concerning immigration and population could result in some interesting discussion among students. The most obvious use for this article would be for an integrated unit concerning immigration and the changing nature of the world's population.

(Written by Tammy Norris, BTeach student, University of Tasmania, 2001)

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