Perils of extra 5kmh

This article discces two causes of car accidents: tiredness and speeding. Each is compared with alcohol consumption in terms of causing accidents. Comparisons can be made with this article and Kennett takes low road with .02 limit. Students should consdier the claims about the three causes, which are the easiest to quantify and whether some of them might be interrelated in certain cirumstances.

It is possible to compare directly the claims about alcohol level in the two articles and it would appear that the claim here of a fourfold increase in risk at .1 is lower than in the other article. Students could discuss how this dicrepancy might have occurred. Older studnets could be asked to write conitional probability statements based on the data presented. For example

Pr(accident | 65kn/hr) = 2 x Pr (accident | <=60 km/hr)


Pr(accident | 65kn/hr) = Pr(accident |.05 alcohol level)

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