Metrics can't mangle the magical mile

This article relates to the measurement part of the curriculum and the correspondence between metric and imperial linear measure. It could be used to set the scene for various measurement activities particularly in a historical setting. It could also be used to set a problem involving ratio. Given the information in the article, what time might Court be expected to run for the mile based on his recent 1500m run at Friends? [Assuming an equivalent rate,

1500m / 3m 56sec = 1609.34m / x m/s, so x = 4m 13s;

note: this is an interesting exercise using minutes and seconds; 3 min 56 sec has to be changed to a decimal number of minutes or a total number of seconds and then reconverted.]

By the way, how do we know that the decimal value 3.56 in the article refers to 3 minutes and 56 seconds and not 3.56 minutes? [Intuition! And it would imply a 3.82 minute mile - pretty fast!] This is another interesting point for discussion in relation to studying both time and decimals.

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