Big rise in births outside marriage

This article presents many statistics, including an average, actual numbers and percentages.

In the context of the article, there must be an error in the fifth paragraph. It would be a nice exercise to check students' numeracy skills by asking them to justify why the claim of an overall increase in the number of births outside marriage of 70% since 1924 cannot be correct. They might suggest corrections which might be feasible. [It seems most likely that the year is wrong since the 'doubling' of births outside of marriage between 1961 and 1971, two paragraphs further down, is an increase of 100% in that 10 year period.

It is a good discussion point to distinguish the rise in actual numbers of out-of-marriage births from the rise in percentage of out-of-marriage births. Students may not be aware of why this difference occurs. Another possibility for the error is that the percentage increase is meant to be 700% since 1924, but we cannot check this since there are no figures given for 1924.]

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