Crash injury statistics make an impact

The main interest in this article is the photograph of 800 students, used to represent 800 people seriously injured on the state's roads. The use of students or other concrete materials (smaller if necessary!) is often a good way to gain an appreciation of the magnitude of a statistical value.

A couple of other points could be raised in relation to this article. One is the matter of the defining of a statistic. It appears that the MAIB and the Department of Transport have different definition's of "seriously injured" since the MAIB says there are 800 seriously injured while the Department says 1200. Why might this difference occur?

It is also possible, assuming that the $83.28 million payout is for the 800 people, to calculate the average payout per person [ $104,100 ]. Students should calculate this value and discuss its implication for individuals. Would presenting the average rather than the total be more effective in educating the public? Students may like to discuss this.

This article may be as useful in a health and physical education class when risk of accident is being discussed, as in a mathematics class.

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