Television, music top list of what we do with spare time

This article contains much information on how people in Australia spend their time each week at different ages. It could be very useful for social science as well as mathematics investigations. Given the summary in the table, students should comment on which groups of people are not included. Some of these are included in the text. Comparison of different groups can be done considering differences in figures by preparing side-by-side bar charts, or perhaps by obtaining more data from the ABS to carry out statistical tests of comparison (for older students).

The article could provide a motivation for students to work out how they spend their own hours each week, either individually or as a class. The variation which will occur in class data will be instructive in speculating on the variation which would have occurred in the ABS data. It is also likely that school students would choose other categories for how they spend their time. This is an important facet of statistical investigations.

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