Australia failing on women MPs: report

The data in this article are presented in a table with rankings in the left column and percentages of women MPs in the right coloumn. It is interesting that the claim in the article of Australia ranking 18th out of the countries mentioned would appear generous since it is 19th in the table. The average of the percentages for the 22 Industrialised countries is 18.81 which might have been rounded to 19 (one can only speculate as to why it was not).

Students might discuss graphical means of showing the comparison of countries and produce some graphs. They might also discuss why Third World countries are not mentioned further or if there are any ways of making the Australian data look better (e.g., consider only the Federal Parliament). It is interesting that it is only near the end of the article that we realise that the data must include state (and territory?) legislatures.

Is the last statement justifiable?

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