School gay policy sought

Of interest in this section, whose emphasis is on sampling is the juxtaposition of the lines

The study of more than 150 gay and lesbian students and teachers,
from schools in all states except Tasmania.......

and the claim of the researcher

that while most of those surveyed were from New South Wales,
the results could be applied to other states.

There is the immediate question as to whether we have been given enough information on the sample itself. If `most' were from New South Wales, how many of the total of 150 could represent the other four states (Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia), since none were from Tasmania? And given the results reported it would seem imperative to indicate how many of the 150 were teachers and how many students (or ex-students). How were the teachers and students contacted? Did they volunteer? Were they people who had reported to `harassment centres'? How many were male and how many female? Regardless of one's sympathy for the sample, it is important to ask these questions before accepting conclusions and recommendations.

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