Source: The Mercury, 7 April, 2001, p.17

India on course to top the pops

New York 
IT took the 15-member 
European Union the 
whole of last year to 
increase its population 
by 343,000 people but 
India took just a week to 
have the same increase, 
the a UN population 
report said yesterday. 
   By 2050, India's 
population is expected to 
be 1.6 billion and 
China's 1.5 billion. For 
now, China is the world's 
most populous country 
with 1.3 billion people, 
while India has 1 billion. 
   The UN said the world 
population, now 6.1 
billion, is expected to be 
between 7.9 and 10.9 
billion by 2050. Half of 
that would be in just six 
countries: India, China 
Pakistan, Nigeria, 
Bangladesh and 
   By 2050 one of five 
countries will have a 
population smaller than 
today, including Japan 
and Germany with a 
projected 14 per cent 
loss, Italy and Hungary 
with a 25 per cent loss, 
and Russia and the 
Ukraine with projected 
losses of 28 to 40 per 
cent. Largely due to 
immigration, Canada, 
Australia and the US are 
expected to have 
increases of 33 to 40 per 
   The increases in 
developing countries will 
place growing strains on 
limited resources such as 
water, the UN said. 
   By 2050, about 90 per 
cent of the world's people 
would live in developing 
countries, compared to 
80 per cent at present. 
   Joseph Chamie, 
director of the UN 
department of economic 
and social affairs, 
rejected theories that the 
AIDS epidemic would 
reduce the population in 
Africa. It was expected to 
grow from 794 million to 
2 billion people by 

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