Source: The Mercury, 5 April, 2001, p.3

Honours shared in ratings war

HOBART'S first radio ratings 
for 2001 are out -- and it 
seems everyone is a winner. 
	Research company AC
Nielsen surveyed 1200
listeners for three weeks from
March 4.
	HO-FM was quick to point
out it had increased its audience
share by 2.3 per cent of the
Hobart market with 21.9 per
cent of the total market.
The ABC was a close second
with 20.8 per cent of all
listeners, TTT-FM had 17.4 per
cent and Magic 107 had 15.1
per cent. HO-FM recorded the
biggest increase of the survey
with a 15 per cent jump in
listeners in the 10-17 age
group and a 14.2 per cent jump
in 18 to 24-year-olds.
	HO-FM managing director
Paul Shirley said the station
had made substantial gains
across the most important
consumer age groups and was
No 1 with 25 to 54-year-olds.
   "People want to listen to
local radio and have voted
against the trend of
networking from the
mainland," Mr Shirley said.
"HO-FM is Hobart and always
will be."
	TTT-FM conceded HO-FM had
increased its young listeners
and that ABC 936 had
increased its drive-time and
evening listeners but
attributed the rise to the
international cricket coverage.
	TTT-FM and Magic 107
general manager Andrew
Reimer said the combined
audience of the two stations
was two-thirds of the Hobart
adult population.
	"Our stations can narrowly
target key Hobart consumers
or deliver the message to a
huge portion of the market,"
Mr Reimer said.
	ABC 936 won the lion's
share of listeners for the
breakfast show, the drive
program and from 7pm to
midnight and on weekend

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