Source: The Mercury, 4 April, 2001, p.6

RACT backs report showing huge support for 50km/h limits

Call for suburban speed cuts

A GROUND swell of public
support is growing for
50km/h speed limits, with
the RACT throwing its
weight yesterday behind the
push for slowing Tasmanian
drivers down.

   The state's peak motoring
body wants 5Okm/h speed
limits introduced in all
residential streets and
60km/h limits maintained
on main arterial roads.
The call from the RACT
coincides with results from a
road-safety discussion paper
released last month which
found huge support for
lowering speed limits.

   The paper, released by the
Tasmanian Road Safety
Council, attracted more than
90 per cent support for a
10km reduction in the speed
limit on residential streets.

   Council chairman and
Labor MHA Jim Cox said
yesterday he was astounded
by the reaction.

  "There was over-whelming 
support right across the
board-from individuals to
organisations," he said.
He said the council had
received more than 100
written replies to the paper
which dealt with a wide
range of road safety issues.

   Mr Cox said by far the
most popular moves were
60km/h speed limits and
automatic loss of licence for
exceeding the limit by

   "There was nearly 100 per
cent support for automatic
loss of licences," he said.

   He said it was clear the
community was fed up with
speeding motorists.

   RACT chief executive
Greg Goodman said
yesterday a 10km 
reduction in speed limits
would save lives.

   "It takes 10m less to stop
when travelling at 50km/h
than at 60. That's about three
car lengths, and a big
difference if a child suddenly
runs out on to the street," he

   He said a car travelling at
60km/h needed 30m to stop
suddenly and a car travelling at
50km/h needed 20m. Stopping
distances double in the rain.

   The RACT is also calling for
highly visible signage and a
three-month period of grace
before police enforce new
speed limits.

   Public responses to the Road
Safety Council discussion
paper are being collated.

   The council will soon take
submissions on a range of road
safety issues to Cabinet.

   Cabinet will have the final
say on whether or not speed
limits will be reduced.

   Hobart City Council has
introduced a 40km/h limit in
Battery Point and 50km/h for
Glebe. In Glenorchy, there is a
a 50km/h limit at Lutana.

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