Source: The Mercury, 2 April, 2001, p.4

Gadgets on standby eat power

holds are paying an 
average of about $100 a 
year for the convenience 
of leaving appliances on 
standby power, a Choice 
magazine survey has 
   Conducted in 
conjunction with the 
Australian Greenhouse 
Office and the National 
Appliance and Equipment 
Energy Efficiency Committee, 
the study also highlights 
the creation of 
greenhouse gases because 
most of the nation's 
electricity is created 
through power plants 
burning fossil fuels. 
   Choice visited 64 
homes to measure the 
power consumption of all 
electric and electronic 
appliances - excluding 
fridges and hot water 
systems - on standby 
and when switched off. 
   Appliances not 
performing their main 
task drew an average of 
87 watts - more than 11 
per cent of a household's 
total consumption. 
   The survey showed the 
main culprits were 
televisions, VCRs and 
stereo systems.

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