Source: The Mercury, 17 March, 2001, p.4

Figures show flying is safer in the US

   Flying in Australia is 
twice as dangerous as 
flying in the US, commercial 
airline and military flights 
excepted, a new analysis 
has shown. 

   The Australian Aviation 
Underwriting Pool said 
statistics showed the US 
was safer in all but the 
major and regional airlines.

   "Based on accidents per 
100,000 hours flown over a 
ten year period there have 
been 45% more in Australia," 
the insurance body said in 
its newsletter.

   Former Civil Aviation 
Safety Authority chairman 
Dick Smith said the figures 
for general aviation were 

   "The US has snow and ice 
for four months of the year, 
it has a huge mountain range 
and twenty times the density 
of air traffic, yet Australia 
comes up with worse figures," 
he said. "Why?"

   The newsletter said the 
US accident rate had dropped 
32% in the last 15 years but 
stayed the same in Australia.

The Australian Air Transport 
Safety Bureau said Australia 
had consistently fewer 
fatalities than the US.

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