Source: The Mercury, 11 March, 2001, p.24

Secrets to a long life


GOOD health is 
especially in youth, 
until suddenly it 
   Then the things you 
heard and read about for 
years suddenly become 
meaningful. However, 
the key to good health, 
mental acuity, long life 
and freedom from illness 
is pretty simple. 
   You do not need pills 
and potions, no 
expensive gear, no 
subscriptions to gyms 
and clubs, just a bit of 
commonsense, a little 
time and some effort ... 
plus the determination to 
get started in the first 
    Basically, it can be 
written down in a few 
nutrition, a high-fibre 
low-fat food intake, at 
least 30 minutes of active 
exercise a day, and reduce 
weight if obese.  
   Drink lots of water; do 
not smoke, and avoid the 
passive smoke of others 
check and treat elevate] 
blood pressure, sugar and 
cholesterol blood levels, 
take a positive outlook 
on life, get adequate rest 
at night; interact with 
people (preferably- 
positive and friendly). 
That's about it. 
   Mainstream medical 
journals now readily 
attest to the value of 
simple lifestyle 
measures, which some 
have been following for 
years, probably decades 
and, in some cases, 
   Each cigarette smoked 
chops 11 minutes off your 
life, but smoking also 
causes a vast range Of 
heart and cancer problems. 
   A simple 30-minute 
walk per day, ideally on 
as many days of the week 
as possible, can extend 
life by 10 years. 
   Also, it reduces final 
illness into a compacted 
period of time, instead of 
being ill for months or 
   The food story is now 
etched in stone. Include 
an abundance of fruit, 
vegetables, - legumes 
(peas, beans, lentils), 
cereals, nuts, seeds, 
lowfat dairy products, soy 
eggs and probably fish in 
your regular menu. 
   Eggs are rich in 
vitamins and food value, 
and contain the "good" type 
of cholesterol, but do not 
fry. Olive oil is the ideal 
"good fat" to use. You 
cannot tell the difference 
if you do not add butter or 
margarine to sandwiches 
or toast, so leave it off. 
Fat is fat and is hard to 
shed once eaten.

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