Source: The Mercury, 9 March, 2001, p.??

Overweight, gone to pot

A SOUTH Australian couple 
have grown Australia's largest- 
ever pumpkin, weighing 286kg 
and with a 3.7m circumference. 
   Ken and Rosemary Holden, 
from the tuna fishing town of 
Port Lincoln, had the giant 
pumpkin officially weighed in 
front of witnesses, including a 
justice of the peace, yesterday. 
   Mr Holden said the pumpkin 
would probably be donated to the 
local hospital for soup, which he 
had calculated could serve 1200. 
  "It makes lovely soup," he 
   Mr Holden had to build a 
special shelter out of shadecloth 
around the growing pumpkin to protect 
it from the sun and wind. 
   The pumpkin, Dill's Atlantic 
Giant, was fed with a large 
amount of animal manure, 
phosphorus, nitrogen and 
   The couple had another 
pumpkin that reached 334kg, but 
it split and was ineligible for the 

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