Source: The Mercury, 20 November, 2000, p.3

More dads doing shopping

MEN are taking over supermarket 
trolleys and spending more at the 
checkout, new research shows. 
   More men than ever are tackling 
grocery and food shopping, with 
spending levels jumping 17% in 
the past two years. 
   Research by AC Nielsen shows 
one in five Australian families has 
a male as the main grocery 
   And most of them fall into the 
"what's for dinner?" category, 
stopping at supermarkets on the 
way home from work between 4pm 
and 6pm. 
   "Traditional roles in the way we 
buy food are changing," AC 
Nielsen research chief David 
Altermar. said yesterday. 
   "Men are doing more shopping 
and they're doing it more often. 
   "With more women working and 
fewer nuclear families, it all adds 
up to more men in supermarkets 
   Women with children still spend 
most on food and groceries, but 
the male-female gap has been 
closing for several years. 
   In another major shift in 
supermarket spending habits, 
researchers identified a huge 
market for pre-prepared fresh 
   Mr Alterman said supermarkets 
had started offering prepared food, 
but the market was expected to 
explode in the next few years. 
   "We haven't seen anything yet," 
he said. 
   "Supermarkets still have a long 
way to go, especially for the 
people looking for tonight's 
dinner and not much else. 
   "You just have to look at the 
figures. Fifty per cent of people 
don't like cooking, but 75% of 
meals are still cooked from sc. 
   "I don't think retailers have 
picked up this change in mood." 
   The report, commissioned by 
the Australian Retailers' Associ- 
ation and unveiled at yesterday's 
Australian Food Congress in Mel- 
bourne, said traditional family 
households with mum, dad and 
children represent only 36% of 
Australian households. The bigger 
group was single and 
double-income earners with no 
children accounting for 47 per 
   It showed the average suburban 
Australian ate the evening meal at 
home six nights a week, a quarter 
of them ordering takeaway food.

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