Source: The Mercury, 24 February, 2000, p. 11

Truth about liars in the workplace

MEN are more likely 
than women to tell fibs 
to save a co-worker's 
neck, a survey shows. 
   And most workers 
over 55 don't believe 
honesty is a quality 
highly valued in the 
Morgan and Banks 
researchers found 19% 
of men will tell porkies 
to cover for a colleague, 
but only 14% of 
females will fib. 
   None of the those 
surveyed aged over 55 
believe employers 
valued honesty 
   But three-quarters of 
workers aged 19-24 
believe honesty is the 
best policy. 
   Banking and finance 
industry workers are 
more likely to lie to 
save a mate. 
   But advertising 
executives, engineers 
and building workers 
fav our telling the truth 
- even if it means 
their mate gets in 
   Morgan and Banks 
director Peter 
Emmerton said it 
wasn't clear why men 
were more cynical then 
   "The key message to 
employers is if they 
want employees who 
are honest and open 
they need to create and 
environment that 
supports that," he said.

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