Source: The Mercury, 15 October, 1999, p.17

Stay-at-home wives prop go-ahead men

MEN with stay-at-home 
wives go further up the career 
ladder, say researchers. 
   They say housewives are a 
major boost to husbands who 
want to reach the top of their 
   Economists at the 
University of Wales in 
Swansea studied government 
figures on 10,000 households 
across Britain and found that 
many wives saw their role as 
investing in their husband's 
   Throwing dinner parties for 
bosses and networking with 
executives' wives were all 
ways in which they tried to 
help boost a partner's career. 
   Professor Philip Murphy, 
part of the research team, said 
married men generally earn 
more than non-married ones. 
   The higher the earnings of 
a husband, the less likely it 
is that their wives will work. 
Instead, they will be at home 
playing a highly-effective 
part in their partners' 

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