Source: The Mercury, 22 July, 1999, p.2

Weather it's a boy or girl is down to this...

IT'S not how you do it or even how 
often. It all comes down to the 
   According to new scientific 
research, the sex of your child can 
be determined simply by the 
temperature during conception. 
   Quite simply, sex during 
unusually hot spells will produce 
boys while more committed 
partners can expect to conceive a 
girl during a cold spell. 
   The research, published in New 
Scientist magazine, revealed that 
there are distinct seasonal 
variations in the ratio of boys to 
   They have even gone as far as to 
suggest that climate change-the 
slow warming of the planet's 
atmosphere - may further 
increase the number of boys 
conceived in the future. 
   German biologists, studying 
data from 1946 to 1995 and 
making correlations between sex 
ratios and data from the US 
National Climate Data Centre 
records, showed that hot summers 
or unseasonably high temperatures 
yielded more boys while the 
reverse was true of cold spells. 
   It is now thought that hot spells 
may damage sperm carrying an X 
chromosome more than sperm 
carrying the Y chromosome - 
which are also faster - hence more 
boys are conceived. 
   However, it doesn't mean people 
from warmer climates have more 
boys because people adapt to the 
general climate in which they live. 
   It is extremes of temperature 
impacting on the testes, that are 
responsible for genetic 

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