Source: The Mercury, 25 February, 1999, p.4

Hoges still twists the knife on the box office

THIRTEEN years after wow- 
ing audiences with the size of 
his knife, Paul Hogan's 
Crocodile Dundee is still the 
most successful Australian 
film at the nation's box office. 
The outback comedy- 
adventure's $47.7 million 
national takings put it more 
than $10 million ahead of its 
nearest rival, Babe, and $22 
million ahead of its sequel 
Crocodile Dundee II. 
But none of them comes 
close to the extraordinarily 
successful Titanic, which 
took a massive $55 million 
The list of the top 50 
movies of all time in Aust- 
ralia, compiled by the Aust- 
ralian Film Commission, is 
based on box office takings to 
June 30 last year and the 
figures are in the equivalent 
of today's dollar values. 
Only seven Australian 
films make the list, confirm- 
ing the dominance of Holly- 
wood over Aussie viewers. 
The oldest film was Star 
Wars which was released in 
1977 but its $29.6 million 
takings also include last 
year's special re-release. 
The oldest Australian 
movie on the list war. The 
Man from Snowy River 
released in 1982. 
Film reviewer Leigh 
Paatsch said the list revealed 
that Australianr generally 
preferred escapist films. 
"If you want to make an 
impact with Australian audi- 
ences, the film should be light 
and non-confrontational," he 
The light-weight comedy 
Mrs Doubtfire made the top 
10, while Tom Hank's Forrest 
Gump is also high in the list 
despite being canned by the 

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