Source: The Mercury, 24 February, 1999, p.7

Changing patterns in our viewing habits

CHILDREN are watch- 
ing less television  but 
teens and older parents 
are watching more, a 
report has revealed.  
And while teen  bays 
are glued to the set more 
than girls, for the rest of 
their life women spend, 
more time in front of the' 
The Australian  Film 
Commission report says: 
the average Australian. 
watches television for 
three hours and 13 min- 
utes each day. 
But women watch a 
half hour more than 
men. Women over 55 
watch the most TV, 
averaging four hours 
and three minutes every 
day, while men aged 
18-24 average only two 
hours, 14 minutes. 
The most popular time 
to watch is between 7pm 
and 9pm. 
The report found the 
average household has 
1.8 TV sets, with 1.7 in 
the country. And 87% of 
homes in the city have a 
video recorder - the 
highest proportion of any 
country in the world. 
News and current af- 
fairs take up 20% of our 
TV time, followed by 
children's shows (12%), 
drama and movies (both 
12%), and sport (10%). 
The report, Get The 
Picture, also reveals: 
·We are buying more 
video movies, but rent- 
ing fewer. 
· Two-thirds of videos 
rented last year came 
from the US, while only 
8% were Australian. 
· Almost two-thirds of 
household computers are 
used to play computer 
games, with 54% used 
for study. 
· The most popular use 
of the Internet is email 
for 24% of people.

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