Source: The Saturday Mercury, 20 February, 1999, p.10

Friday spells crash doom

Death day warning for work-weary motorists 
MOST road fatalities 
last year occurred on 
Fridays, says the Tas- 
mania's Road Safety 
Task Force. 
Friday replaced Sunday as 
being the most likely day for 
a fatal crash. 
Sundays accounted for 
18.2% of all fatalities on 
Tasmania's roads from 1992 
to 1997. 
Of the 48 fatalities last 
year, 10 people died on Fri- 
days (20.8%), nine on Satur- 
days and eight on Sundays. 
Tasmania's Road Safety 
Task Force chairman, Paul 
Hogan, said more than 56% of 
the road deaths during the 
year occurred over these 
three days. 
"We do not know conclus- 
ively why there is such a high 
number of fatalities between 
Friday and Sunday but we do 
suspect it has to do with 
tiredness," Mr Hogan said. 
"We are all pretty stressed 
by the end of the week and 
our concentration may have 
diminished by the time the 
weekend comes around. 
"Although on normal week- 
ends it is expected that there 
would be less cars on the 
roads than during the week 
the roads can be busy on 
weekends when there are 
special events on." 
Department of Transport 
manager of road safety Chris 
Smyth, said 72% of the fatal- 
ities last year occurred on 
rural roads. He said: "Rural 
roads can refer to either back 
country roads or the Midland 
"Although in previous 
years there have been more 
fatalities on Sundays, the 
numbers in Tasmania are so 
small that the fluctuations 
between days are not that 
"Accidents are mainly 
caused by driver behaviour 
which many be influenced by 
three factors, speed, alcohol 
and inattention " 
The Road Safety Task 
Force warned motorists to 
take extra care on the road at 
the end of the week and 
during the weekend.

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