Source: The Mercury, 28 November, 1998, p.7

Marge better than butter

AUSTRALIAN researchers 
have confirmed margarine is 
better for your health than 
butter- but some margar- 
ines are healthier than 
The CSIRO's human nu- 
trition unit in Adelaide com- 
pared the effects of four types 
of margarine on blood choles- 
terol and found all of the 
spreads reduced the level of 
LDL, the bad cholesterol, in 
the blood by up to 15% 
compared with butter. 
Dietitian Manny Noakes 
said such a reduction in LDL 
cholesterol translated to a 
fall in the risk of heart 
disease between 20 and 30%. 
But the researchers were 
surprised to find that mar- 
garines without a substance 
called bans fatty acids were 
even better than margarines 
with bans fatty acids. 
"The margarine high in 
polyunsaturates and low in 
bans fatty acid lowered LDL- 
cholesterol a further 6% com- 
pared to other margarines," 
Ms Noakes said. 
"Based on our data, the fall 
in heart disease risk could be 
reckoned to be 13% greater 
with the polyunsaturated 
margarine without bans 
fatty acids than a similar 
spread with bans fatty 
Ms Noakes said bans fatty 
acids were a class of monoun- 
saturated fats that were be- 
ing phased out of food prod- 
ucts in Australia and 
worldwide following rising 
concern about the link be- 
tween heart disease and nu- 
trition. About half of the 
margarines on the Australian 
market now contain bans 
fatty acids.

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