Source: The Mercury, 28 November, 1998, p.3

Friday 4-6pm is crash time

TASMANIAN drivers are most likely to be 
involved in a crash between 4pm and 6pm 
on Fridays, statistics show. 
Tasmanian Road Safety Task Force 
chairman Paul Hogan said the study 
released yesterday also showed most com- 
mon types of collisions involved being rear- 
ended or hit at an angle, probably due to a 
failure to give way to the right. 
Mr Hogan said the findings were based 
on crash statistics gathered by the Trans- 
port Department over many years. 
"We're not advising motorists to avoid 
driving during these hours on a Friday," Mr 
Hogan said. "It means, simply, that motor- 
ists have to take the time to be a little more 
careful than usual. 
"It means also that they should be aware 
that other motorists may have their minds 
more on the upcoming weekend." 
So far, 37 people have died on Tasmania's 
roads this year, compared with 29 for the 
same period in 1997.

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