Source: The Herald Sun, Wednesday, November 18, 1998, p.12

Diet guide cuts cancer

medical reporter 
A NEW diet plan to fight 
cancer aims to nearly 
halve a person's cancer 
   Sydney doctor Les 
Brown developed the 
computer program to 
promote healthy eating, 
which has been endorsed 
by the NSW Cancer 
   It is based on the 
American Institute of 
Cancer Research's eight 
most important 
recommendations for diet 
and cancer. 
   Dr Brown said the in- 
stitute's reports showed 
that maintaining a heal- 
thy weight and exercis- 
ing could cut cancer risk 
by 30 to 40 per cent. 
   And eating five serves 
of fruit and vegetables a 
day could reduce cancer 
risk by 20 per cent. 
   Dr Brown, who trained 
as a general practitioner 
and is now a preventive 
health practitioner, said 
a balanced diet was as 
important as not 
smoking in preventing 
   "Eating a balanced diet 
has been linked to the 
prevention of cancer," 
he said. 
   "The World Cancer 
Research Fund, in as- 
sociation with the Amer- 
ican Institute for Cancer 
Research, published a 
report in 1997 entitled 
Food, Nutrition and 
Prevention of Cancer. 
   It says that eating 
right, plus staying physi- 
cally active and main- 
taining a healthy 
weight, can reduce cancer 
risk by 30 to 40 per 
   Dr Brown said that 
apart from reducing the 
risks of cancer, other 
benefits from following 
the plan include reduced 
risks of heart attack, 
stroke and diabetes, and 
weight control. 
   One in three men and 
one in four women in 
Australia will develop 
cancer. There are about 
27,000 cancer diagnoses 
and 11,000 deaths a 
   The Eat, Drink and be 
Healthy CD-ROM en- 
sures people fulfil the 
institute's eight rec- 
ommendations for diet 
and cancer. 
   It also evaluates a per- 
son's diet against Aus- 
tralian dietary guidelines 
and suggests personal 
dietary modifications. 
   It costs $49.95 and for 
each copy sold a $5 do- 
nation will go to the 
NSW Cancer Council. It 
is available by telephon- 
ing 1300 550 028.

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