Source: The Mercury, October 26, 1998, p.3

Capricorns crash through

under the sign of 
Capricorn are the 
biggest goats on 
Australia's roads, a study 
of birth dates and 
accident rates has found. 
   Capricorn men and 
women drivers had the 
highest accident rates in 
the study of more than 
600,000 insurance 
policy-holders in all 
   Virgos were the least 
accident-prone women 
drivers. Virgos and 
Sagittarians are the 
safest men behind the 
   The astrological 
accident survey was taken 
from AAMI motor insurance 
accident claims during 1997-98. - 
   Herald Sun astrologist Shelley 
Von Strunckel said yesterday she 
was not surprised by the showing 
of Capricorns or Virgos. 
   "It makes sense that cautious 
thorough, plan-ahead Virgos 
would not consider having an 
accident," Ms von Strunckel said. 
   But she thought the Sagittarian 
males' rating could be 
compromised: "Sagittarian males 
are much less likely to report an 
accident because they haven't got 
the patience to fill out the forms. 
They'd rather go off to a mate 
who's got a repair shop and make a 
deal with him. 
   "Capricorns probably reported 
absolutely everything. They're so 
thorough and such followers of 
rules they'd be afraid that if they 
didn't report something properly 
and right away, that their insurance 
would be cancelled." 
Starstruck drivers- 
* Males (from best to worst): 
Virgo and Sagittarius, Cancer, 
Pisces, Leo, Aries, Gemini, Libra 
Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, 
* Females: Virgo, Gemini, Libra 
Cancer, Aquarius, Sagittarius 
Taurus, Pisces and Scorpio, Leo, 
Aries, Capricorn. 
   Ms von Strunckel's full 
* Earth signs (Virgo, Taurus 
and Capricorn): Thorough, 
cautious types. 
* Fire signs (Aries, Leo and 
Sagittarius): Short on the 
attention needed for form-filling, 
but long on the networking skills 
needed to get the pranged car fixed. 
* Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio 
and Pisces): Emotional types who 
when upset and behind the wheel 
have a tendency to turn into "Mr 
* Air signs (Gemini, Libra an 
Aquarius): Tend to be airheads but 
are quick-thinking in an 

Hobart claim rate lowest

 TASMANIAN drivers 
have achieved the 
lowest rate of accident 
claims in Australia 
national insurer AAMI 
revealed yesterday. 
   AAMI claims 
incidence figures show 
that in the 12 months 
to the end of June this 
year, Hobart recorded a 
15.1% drop in the 
number of accident 
claims from the pre- 
vious year. 
In Launceston there 
was an 8.6% drop in 
claims, while in Devon- 
port there was a 
marginal 0.6% drop. 
There was a slight 
increase in the rate in 
   The research data is 
conducted in all states 
by Brian Sweeney and 
   AAMI state manager 
James Marchant said 
yesterday the drop in 
the accident rate could 
be attributed to better 
driving conditions due 
to a lower rainfall total, 
the work of the 
Tasmanian Road Safety 
Task Force and growing 
safety awareness 
among motorists. 
   However, he said the 
Sweeney research had 
found that Hobart 
drivers, along with 
those in Sydney and 
Melbourne, were most 
likely to show road 
rage and reckless 
driving tendencies.

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