Source: The Mercury, 24 October, 1998, p.10

Job-seeking woes for single parents

ALMOST one in two
single parents did not or
could not actively seek
paid work in June,
official data revealed

   Single fathers were
more than twice as likely 
to be in work as single 
mothers, the Australian
Bureau of Statistics said.
The proportion of one-
parent families was
rising in the 1990s and
in June it reached 16%,
or 787,300 families.

   The ABS Labour
Force Status and Other
Characteristics of Famil-
ies report said just under
one-third of the 61,000
single parents actively
seeking paid work had
been unemployed for a
year or more.

   Meanwhile, 46% of
single parents with
children under 15 years
at home were employed
at the time of the

   Nearly nine out of 10
single parents with
dependent children under
15 were women - 20%
were employed full-time
and 24% part-time.

   Of the 60,800 single
fathers, 53% worked
full-time and 9% part-


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