Source: The Mercury, 22 October, 1998, p.2

New radio for
oldies wins 14%
of market


THE new kid on the
block who caters for the
oldies has earned a size-
able chunk of Hobart's
radio audience.

   Magic 107 FM, which
targets the over-45s won
14.2% of listeners in the
latest AC Nielson radio

   However, HO-FM
retained its top spot
despite a bid by rival TTT-
FM to lower its market
share through the launch
of Magic 107.

   HO-FM program
director Rod Spargo said
yesterday the station had
won an overall audience
share of 22.9%.

   The survey of 1300
people in Hobart released
on Tuesday showed
ABC's 7ZR rated second
overall with 20.6% of
the market followed by
TTT with 17.6% and
Magic with 14.2%.

   Magic was launched 
by TTT in August this
year at a cost of
$350,000 to tap into
the older listener

   "It ended up having
more of an impact on
TTT, whose overall
ratings slipped from
23.5% to 17.6%, while
our overall rating fell
only 1%," Mr Spargo

   TTT general manager
John Bender dismissed
the ratings as reflecting a
confused market.

   AC Nielson rates radio
audiences by selecting
people who are then
given diaries to record
their listening.

   Ratings are used
extensively by
advertising agencies to
decide with which radio
stations they will

   Mr Bender said TTT
was very happy with the
success of Magic in
grabbing 26.3% of its
target demographic of

   Mr Spargo said HO-
FM had been the overall
best-rated radio station
in Hobart since 1993.

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