Source: The Mercury, 17 October, 1998, p.29

gets to

A LONG-tongued reptile
appears to be getting the
speeding message
through to Tasmanians.

   The chairman of
the state's Road
Safety Taskforce, Paul
Hogan, said research
reveals the latest road
safety advertising
campaign featuring a
chameleon was having a
major impact on drivers.

   The ad, in which the
chameleon snatches
away a driver's licence,
began in August.

   Research into its
effectiveness showed
recall of its central
message was as high as
96%, Mr Hogan said.

   "Eighty-five per cent
of those who have seen
the campaign accept the
central message that if
you speed you'll be
caught," he said.

   "Most importantly,
38% said they have
changed their driving
behaviour as a direct
result of the campaign, in
particular young people."

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