Source: The Mercury, 12 October, 1998, p.5

Study rejects passive
smoking and cancer link

THE World Health
Organisation has
published a study that
shows there is no
significant statistical
link between passive
smoking and cancer.

   The 10-year, seven-
country European study
questions the anti-
tobacco lobby's
assertion there is an
established correlation
between the two.

   The study was
coordinated by WHO's
International Agency for
Research on Cancer,
based in Lyon, France,
and involved 650 lung
cancer patients,- who
were compared with 1542
healthy people.

   The study looked at
people who were
married to or worked
with smokers, and those
who grew up with
smokers. Data was also
collected on other
environmental factors,
such as heating and
cooking arrangements,
exposure to known
occupational lung
carcinogens and, in some
cases, dietary habits.

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