Source: The Mercury, Thursday, September 17, 1998, p.23

Sweet sound more pleasurable than sex for women: study

Music moves the earth

MEN say sex gives them
most pleasure - but
women rate listening to
music as their most
enjoyable activity.

   So says The Pleasure Quota,
a survey of 4000 people in
eight countries, conducted for
Associates for Research into
the Science of Enjoyment.

   The study found big
differences in what men and
women enjoy most.

   Like men the world over,
Australian males rated sex as
their most pleasurable

But, while women said
they enjoyed music more
there's no need for males to

   In fact, women rated sex as
one of their second
preferences - alongside
shopping, tea and coffee.

   Figures showed Australian
men also enjoyed listening to
music, sport and exercise.

   Psychologist Dr Bob
McBride asked his subjects to
assess the pleasure they got
from everyday activities such
as sex, drinking a glass of
wine, eating chocolate or
smoking a cigarette.

   Dr McBride said he was
surprised to find that, over-
all, the most pleasurable ac-
tivity for both men and
women was listening to
music, with sex coming a
close second.

   "That surprised me a bit- I
didn't think it would be so
high. I thought sex would
probably be at the top," Dr
McBride said yesterday, as he
launched his findings.

   "The study confirms that
around the world we all derive
the same amounts of pleasure,
but in different ways.

   "Although we come from
different countries and
backgrounds, activities rate
roughly the same around the

   Individuals in the study
gave ratings out of 10 for each
activity according to the level
of enjoyment it provided.

The study also found that:

* Australians and Britons
enjoyed sex more than
Italians, while Germany came
at the bottom of the scale in
rating the pleasure of sex.

* Australians also rated music
higher than did Italians,
Germans and the British.

* Italians rated sport and
exercise higher than did sup-
posedly sports-mad Aust-
ralians, and rated shopping
higher than did Australians
who were at the bottom of that

* Australian men enjoyed
alcohol and red meat more
than women did.

* Women the world over
enjoyed eating chocolate
more than men did.

* Worldwide, wealthy people
enjoyed sex, music and eating
out, while low-income earners
enjoyed rich foods shopping,
chocolate and al-

   "This study proved that
while we take gratification in
certain pleasures, this aver-
ages out across the board-
with the results confirming
that, while some people rate
eating chocolate as their
favourite activity, they don't
derive the same pleasure from
red meat," Dr McBride said.

   He said Europeans showed
high pleasure ratings for high-
fat foods and cigarettes while
Australia rated lowest.

   He suggested that the
bombardment of information
about healthy eating and
lifestyles had suppressed
those activities.


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