Source: The Mercury, 14 May, 1998, p.40

Two aces in one round beat 363 million-1 odds

Iowa City 
AGAINST the odds of 363 million to 
one, young United States golfer 
Christian Owen scored two holes in 
one in the same round and four 
eagles in all. 
After making eagles on the two 
par-fives on the front nine, Owen 
used a five-iron to nail his first ace 
at the 175m eighth hole and a six- 
iron at the 171m 13th water hole. 
"It was just an eagle of a day," 
Owen said. The 27-year-old shot a 
three-under 69 on the par-72, 
6360m Finkbine Golf Course at the 
University of Iowa. 
An assistant grocery store man- 
ager who is close to a scratch 
handicap, he also used a five-iron 
three weeks ago to ace the 8th. 
"Oh my gosh, that is just phenom- 
enal, it's unbelievable," Iowa golf 
coach Terry Anderson said yester- 
"We've had three aces at Finkbine 
this year and they're all his. 
"This guy is just on fire." 
Owen moved to Coralville, just 
outside Iowa City, seven months 
ago from Kansas City, Missouri. 
According to Mark Logue of the 
University of Iowa's statistics and 
actuarial science department, the 
chance of someone shooting two 
holes-in-one at Finkbine on the 
same 18 holes is about one in 363 
He said that would occur once in 
10,371 years. 

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