Source: The Mercury, 9 April, 1998, p.4

Vegies get more appeal as
Aussies lose thirst for beer

Beer consumption 
1. Czech Republic: 160 litres per capita 
2. Republic of Ireland: 142.5 
3. Germany: 134.5 
4. Denmark: 117.63 
6. Austria: 116.0 
6. Luxembourg: 109.0 
7. United Kingdom: 102.3 
8. Belgium: 102.0 
9. Australia: 95.4 
10. New Zealand: 93.9 
sobering up and turning 
to vegetables, Aust- 
ralian Bureau of Stat- 
istics figures released 
yesterday show. 
Australia may be the 
ninth biggest beer- 
drinking nation but stat- 
istics show overall beer 
consumption last year 
was the lowest in 50 
Drinkers are not only 
drinking less beer but 
are choosing lighter beer 
than ever before, with 
low-alcohol beer accoun- 
ting for a quarter of all 
And it seems the stub- 
by is being swapped for a 
stick of celery or a bowl 
of vegies. 
Vegetable intake has 
risen to the highest level 
since the 1930s. 
Potatoes are still the 
most popular vegetable 
with each person in 
Australia eating an 
average of 70kg a year. 
But better still, says 
Australian Medical As- 
sociation president 
Keith Woolard, is the 
low level of beer con- 
"We've been cam- 
paigning for many years 
to reduce alcohol intake 
and in turn reduce Aust- 
ralia's road toll," he said I 
He said the alcohol 
advertising industry 
might have contributed 
to the reduction in 
alcohol consumption. 
"In general, the over- 
all alcohol advertising 
industry has been quite 
responsible," Mr Wool- 
ard said. 
Despite each Aust- 
ralian downing an aver- 
age of 341 stubbles of 
beer each year, the over- 
all beer reduction and 
vegetable increase will 
be a sobering thought for 
many in Australia.

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