Source: The Sunday Tasmanian, 16 November, 1997, p.20

Marry for a longer life

IT'S official-married people live longer 
than those who never tie the knot. 
As well, those who have divorced or 
widowed also do not live as long as their 
blissfully wed counterparts. 
New Australian death-rate figures re- 
veal single people, especially men, have 
death rates between two and four times 
higher than married people. 
The revelation comes from the Aust- 
ralian Bureau of Statistics' Deaths Aust- 
ralia report, which compares death rates 
and causes over 10 years from 1986. 
The death rate for married men aged 
35 to 39 is 0.9 for each 100,000 but for 
unmarried men in the same age group 
the rate jumps to 3.6. 
Social researcher Doug Davis said the 
reason married people lived longer could 
be because they led healthier lives. 
"Sometimes single people, particularly 
the men, do not eat as well as they should 
and do not look after themselves prop- 
erly," he said.

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