Source: The Mercury, Tuesday October 28, 1997, p.3

Aussies have less sex
-but more stamina

having less sex - but
they're still far from
slouches in the bedroom.

   Sexually active
Australians make love
110 times a year, down
from 116 last year, a poll
has revealed.

   Australia is one of
only three of the 14
countries polled where
the frequency of sex fell.

   But Australians still
had plenty of stamina.
Average sex sessions
lasted 20.7 minutes,
behind only the US,
Canada and Britain.

   This year's Durex
Global Sex Survey
questioned almost
10,000 sexually active
people aged 16 to 45.

It asked them how
often they had sex, how
old they were when they
first had it, how many
partners they had had and
how long they spent
having sex.

   The French topped the
poll on frequency,
duration and
consideration of

   The US was second
overall, followed by
South Africa, Britain
Australia, Germany
Canada, Russia, Poland,
Mexico, Spain, Italy,
Thailand and Hong Kong.

   Australia fell from
equal second last year.

   Voters rated Sydney as
Australia's sexiest city,
followed by Melbourne,
Brisbane, Perth and
Adelaide. Canberra,
Darwin and Hobart polled
only 1% each.

   Cohabiting couples
have the most sex - 157
times a year.

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