Source: The Mercury, 27 October, 1997, p.4

Men munch Mars, women Smarties

MEN love Mars Bars 
and Snickers while wom- 
en snack on Smarties, 
Flake, Milky Way and 
Maltesers, research 
And while women 
have sweeter teeth, men 
are more likely to eat 
meat pies, sausage rolls 
and icecreams between 
Our snacking habits 
are revealed in the latest 
AMR: Quantum Harris 
AustraliaSCAN data of 
Australians over 18. 
It found the most 
popular snack foods 
were fruit (eaten by 79%) 
and cheese (59%) of peo- 
Sweet biscuits were 
next (40%), followed by 
savoury biscuits (35%), 
chocolates (33%), salty 
potato chips (30%), ice 
cream (29%) raw veg- 
etables (21%), nuts 
(25%) and yoghurt 
Men ate more nuts, ice 
cream, pies and sausage 
rolls than women. 
Women ate more yog- 
hurt, raw vegetables 
savoury biscuits, fruit 
and rice cakes than men. 
Despite their rela- 
tively healthy snacks, 
women had sweeter 
teeth than men. 
While men ate more 
Snickers and Mars Bars 
than women, women ate 
more Smarties, Flake, 
Milky Way, Cadbury 
block chocolate, Maltes- 
ers, European Bars, Vi- 
olet Crumble, Crunchie 
and Allen's bags. 
When it came to over- 
all chocolate taste, the 
old favourites won out. 
Cadbury block choc- 
olate was the most popu- 
lar brand of chocolate 
eaten by 50% of people in 
the past year. 
It was followed by 
Mars Bar (42%), Kit Kat 
(41%), Cherry Ripe 
(33%), Maltesers (26%) 
Smarties (25%), Picnic 
(23%), Crunchie (22%) 
Time Out (22%) and 
Snickers (21%).

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