Source: The Mercury, 22 July, 1997, p.3

Dreams do come true - for some

TWO factory workers 
from Melbourne's west 
have won almost 
$500,000 in Lotto using a 
set of numbers that came 
to one of them in a dream. 
The man, from the Mel- 
bourne suburb of Sun- 
shine, said he dreamed 
last Monday night that he 
won Tattslotto. 
When he woke, he re- 
membered nine numbers 
and wrote them down. 
"Normally I take an 
18-game entry costing $8, 
but I was so sure that six 
of those numbers would 
win that I persuaded my 
uncle, with whom I work 
in a factory, to share an 
entry costing more than 
$35," he said. 
Six of the numbers 
came up on Saturday 
night, winning the man 
and his uncle 
"I was amazed to see 
the numbers in the draw 
on TV but I think my 
uncle was even more 
amazed," the man said. 
The pair, who wanted 
to remain anonymous, 
planned to pay off their 
mortgages with the prize- 

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